Bootcamp Online Multiplayer!

Hey there, I was wanting to make unity's bootcamp demo online to I could play against my friend like COD or battlefield. How do I do it? Thanks

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asked Apr 10 '11 at 09:45 PM

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look at the photon bootcamp demo in the asset store(requires a pro lisence).

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answered Apr 10 '11 at 10:30 PM

zmar0519 gravatar image

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It doesn't require a pro licence at all. :-)

Apr 11 '11 at 03:16 PM Joshua

Thanks Guys!I'll try it out.

Apr 12 '11 at 12:28 AM Bohanman1995

It doesn't need a pro liscense, but if you would look in the soldier camera script, it involves the image effects, so you get a lot of compiler errors. I short, it is the pro assets that you are importing to your project(which I recommend be empty so that you don't get duplicate errors.

Apr 12 '11 at 12:53 AM zmar0519

I downloaded it but I cant figure out how to put it online.

Apr 12 '11 at 01:40 AM Bohanman1995

Just publish it as a webplayer, and embed it into your website :)

Apr 20 '11 at 03:09 PM zmar0519
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I got this compiler error: !IsActive () && !m_RunInEditMode. How can i fix this compiler error??

If you know how, please email the instructions to 1337MURLOC@gmail.com

You can download a photon server and a free license at exitgames.com To start the server, open deploy then bin_win32_xp and run PhotonControl.exe

This is a Windows XP server

Right click on the photon icon on the toolbar, then click Photon -> Start as Application

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answered Aug 27 '11 at 02:48 AM

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By the way, COD and Battlefield are First Person Shooter games where you have numerous weapons, while Bootcamp only has a primary weapon and a grenade and is a Third Person shooter. You can convert it into a FPS game by changing the Soldier Camera field view to 0 instead of 60 and move the camera to the right of the soldier's gun. However, when you use the aiming zoom thing, the camera wont be able to see the gun well which makes it obvious that it is a Third person shooter. Also, you will need to download a camera bob script as there isnt one in bootcamp. If you want to play COD with your friends, get COD 1 and copy it to a USB because it is only 1.16 GB. It works on other computers as long as they have a new graphics driver. If you dont have a Cd-Key, dont fret because you only need a valid cd-key for online play. You can create a LAN server in the local library even if your Cd_key isnt valid.

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answered Aug 27 '11 at 02:55 AM

remyratto gravatar image

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