ios pinch/tap/swipe/pan/(...) gesture

Is there a way, or script that can help distinguish finger gesture on iOS

For exemple, how to make the diffrence between a simple tap, a swipe, a pinch... ?

a kind of equivalent to the "UIGestureRecognizer class" for Ios (http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/UIKit/Reference/UIGestureRecognizer_Class/Reference/Reference.html#//apple_ref/occ/cl/UIGestureRecognizer)

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asked Apr 08 '11 at 01:26 PM

RaphDuBus gravatar image

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Hopefully the asset store will soon see some tools to do this :)

Apr 08 '11 at 02:09 PM Jean Fabre
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answered Apr 08 '11 at 01:27 PM

Justin Warner gravatar image

Justin Warner
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Thanks justin for answering.

I have ask this question because i have already google it, and search in forums... with no sucess. I had also already seen the link you give, but it does not answer my concerns.

Apr 08 '11 at 01:38 PM RaphDuBus

Well, if you read it, it says you do have to code it yourself, and I don't think it's been done, as many people using Unity, use it to make game... Not so much apps... But maybe someone can help you further.

Apr 08 '11 at 01:42 PM Justin Warner
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I use the following code. It works but i guess there are better ways to do it.

float pinchLength = 0f;
void Update(){
  if(Input.touchCount == 2 && Input.GetTouch(1).phase == TouchPhase.Began){
    pinchLength = Vector2.Distance(Input.GetTouch(0).position, Input.GetTouch(1).position);
  if(Input.touchCount == 2 && (Input.GetTouch(0).phase == TouchPhase.Moved || Input.GetTouch(1).phase == TouchPhase.Moved)){
    float deltaLength = Vector2.Distance(Input.GetTouch(0).position, Input.GetTouch(1).position);
    Game.cameraManager.ZoomBy(Mathf.Clamp(1f/pinchLength*(deltaLength),-1.5f,1.5f)); // ZoomBy(float Zoomfactor between -1.5x and +1.5x), eg orthographicSize
    pinchLength = Vector2.Distance(Input.GetTouch(0).position, Input.GetTouch(1).position);
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answered May 11 '12 at 12:26 PM

hedgie gravatar image


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There's a swipe utility in the Asset Store. I've not tried it myself yet, but it's nicely priced.

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answered Apr 08 '11 at 04:05 PM

DaveA gravatar image

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You might be interested in checking out the FingerGestures scripting package from the Asset store. This is pretty much what you're after. You can get more information in the forum thread at http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/95983-FingerGestures-Robust-input-gestures-at-your-fingertips!

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answered Jul 09 '11 at 12:21 AM

Spk gravatar image

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