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2 key combo problem.......


So i have in update a check for input release of 2 keys

It's W+A at the same time

so first i have check to see if those were pressed. This is all in the update() method

 if( Input.GetKey(Keycode.W) && Input.getKey(Keycode.A) )
   change rotation of character to diagonal
 if(Input.GetKeyUp(Keycode.W) && Input.getKeyUp(Keycode.A) ){
   change rotation of character to original
 if( Input.GetKey( Keycode.S) OR Input.getKeyUp(Keycode.S) {
     //move down(towards camera  in other words facing you    
     //the player)

The Problem is after i do the W+A combo. seems i have to exagerate my release of the keys in order to get the result that i programed in "keyUP" otherwise it doesn't work. Is this common? i'm on a Mac.

If i release lightly softly, then it seems it doesn't register that i have let the keys up. Because sometimes for example i release the 2 keys and immediately follow an S for down.

And what happens is the character remains in the ROTATION i set for the W+A combo. and it does move towards the camera but it is facing stil diagonal and away from me. when the desired outcome is that at anytime when i press S(down, towards camera) the character should turn to face me.

So yeah, i have noticed, in order to make it work i have to release with exageration. Is there a way to make it recognize my release of the 2 keys even if i release lightly?

Here's a pic of what my game looks like. and i did the W+A combo to go diagonal forward to the leftalt text

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asked Sep 15, 2013 at 05:27 AM

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Please see this answer to clear out your confusion about the GetKeyXXX and GetButtonXXX family, how they work, when each version returns true, when false, etc. That should give you a better vision of what you're doing wrong.

Sep 15, 2013 at 05:32 AM vexe
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this is a very basic programming problem!

You simply can't program computers unless you understand "state" - you have to know what "state" your game is in. (It's just like the use of the term "state" in english - it's not an arcane term.)

Here's the solution:

(1) Have a boolean called "Both The A And W Keys Were Down". Carefully notice the past tense.

(2) Have some code that does this: are both the A and W keys down? then, LOOK AT the boolean "Both The A And W Keys Were Down" if it is FALSE, then this means that "just now" the person held down the keys. Am I correct? I am correct. So, - again ONLY if it is false - call your routine "Do Something On AW". Then, no matter what set "Both The A And W Keys Were Down" to be true.

(3) Thirdly and finally. Have some code that does this. Are BOTH of the A and W keys UP at the moment? If so, set "Both The A And W Keys Were Down" to be FALSE.

that's it. it will work by magic, if you correctly implement those three paradigms.

It's really a shame - actually maybe it's not a shame - but so many new programmers are coming to Unity that there are lots of really non-unity-specific questions here!

BTW it's worth noting that programming input is VERY VERY DIFFICULT

(one random example of hundreds ... http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/292333/how-to-calculate-swipe-speed-on-ios.html )

it's a hard art to master and there are huge paradigm decisions to make.

Anyway - you must think statefully or you can't program computers. That's your solution here!

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answered Sep 15, 2013 at 03:20 PM

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well i'm not really a programmer. it's just a hobby . i dont have BA or BS or nothing i just picked up little stuff from around and i know alittle java so i am kinda discoveering how to do all this little by little

Sep 16, 2013 at 10:04 PM greatUnityGamer

i'm just the same, @great. Cheers!

Sep 17, 2013 at 06:55 AM Fattie
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