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3D modeling for newbies.

Well, I am a coder myself, and a decent 2d graphic artist.

But 3d modeling is not for me.

I am a good coder, I am very passionate making stuff happen nicely, but unfortunately, I require good 3d model animations.

When I worked with 2d games, it was very fun, because I was able to code and make my sprite animations fit exactly what I wished with no one's help.

And now, I want to do something similar with Unity. Some kind of game where the player is very well animated, with lots of moves, killing enemies in a bloody manner. Like God Of War III or something.

I have not played much with 3d modeling, but I doubt I can do much. And probably, zero character animations.

People might recommend me to go look for a 3d model artist partner or something, but no, I tend to work alone on my projects.

I also don't want to buy animated 3d models - I have too specific animation ideas...

So, me being a newbie on 3d modeling, yet wanting to make decent animated characters and objects, what 3d modeling tool would you recommend me, and what tutorials as well?

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asked Feb 04, 2011 at 04:28 AM

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Blender is free, and well documented, probably the best of free things you can get.

If you can pay, 3Ds Max and Maya are great choices.

With 3Ds Max, they have a Motion Capture tool, where you can use BVH files, and they're professional animations pre-done, which you can use....

Hope this helps you a little!

Google for more info about anything, it can help you a lot more with modeling than here =).

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answered Feb 04, 2011 at 04:55 AM

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Justin Warner
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Yes I think Blender is for you.

First it is free and it is an incredible tool for your 3D models, there are a ton of books and tutorials on the internet so you will have no problem making animations and your models in a short period of time.

I reccomend you trying Blender, reading some books and watching some tuts.

Good Luck Justin Warner.

Just for curiosity what game engine did you used for your 2d games?

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answered Feb 04, 2011 at 05:36 AM

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Noah 1
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In case you don't know there trueSpace from Caligari website at http://www.caligari.com/ that provided for free. It's not a toy but great full 3D authoring package.

You should learn 'hard' using available free downloadable video tutorials. It worthy, I can assure that. I won't use any 3D modelling software that I can't afford (yet), even-though for evaluation. We are making games here for money and we should create it with honest and right way. I see a lot people using cracked softwares and even using it for commercial.

This is the full 3D authoring package with no time restrictions and no license restrictions on how you use it. This version is the latest release from Caligari with many bug fixes and improvements to the Link Editor. This version has had the legacy Model side removed and features only the new tools in the workspace side. The manual and videos from trueSpace7.61 should be used.

Download at http://www.caligari.com/downloads.html

Video Tutorials at http://www.caligari.com/products/trueSpace/ts5/Courses/WorkspaceOrganicModeling1.asp?Cate=Training&Subcate=Fundamental

If Blender give you such hard time, you should choose trueSpace. Although both are need to learn in hard way, I still propose trueSpace.

Caligari is owned by Microsoft, and shutdown not long after purchased due recession.

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answered Apr 06, 2011 at 07:55 PM

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