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Help Perlin Noise for Cubes?

I got this code from the wiki unity3d, i want blocks, no terrain. I don't understand PerlinNoise but is the only way to create random cubes like minecraft. I don't know other mode to make random cubes, help please or a simple code in C# or Js for cubes. Sorry bad english i'm from Argentina.

 using UnityEditor;
 using UnityEngine;
 using System.Collections;
 public class TerrainPerlinNoise : ScriptableWizard {
     public float Tiling = 10.0f;
     [MenuItem("Terrain/Generate from Perlin Noise")]
     public static void CreateWizard(MenuCommand command)
         ScriptableWizard.DisplayWizard("Perlin Noise Generation Wizard", typeof(TerrainPerlinNoise));
     void OnWizardUpdate()
         helpString = "This small generation tool allows you to generate perlin noise for your terrain.";
     void OnWizardCreate()
         GameObject obj = Selection.activeGameObject;
         if (obj.GetComponent<Terrain>())
             GenerateHeights(obj.GetComponent<Terrain>(), Tiling);
     public void GenerateHeights(Terrain terrain, float tileSize)
         float[,] heights = new float[terrain.terrainData.heightmapWidth, terrain.terrainData.heightmapHeight];
         for (int i = 0; i < terrain.terrainData.heightmapWidth; i++)
             for (int k = 0; k < terrain.terrainData.heightmapHeight; k++)
                 heights[i, k] = Mathf.PerlinNoise(((float)i / (float)terrain.terrainData.heightmapWidth) * tileSize, ((float)k / (float)terrain.terrainData.heightmapHeight) * tileSize)/10.0f;
         terrain.terrainData.SetHeights(0, 0, heights);
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asked Feb 01, 2013 at 09:05 PM

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Sorry, but this site is for specific questions, and not for "I found this script and I want to make it do something else, who can change it for me?".

Feb 01, 2013 at 09:45 PM Wolfram
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alt textHello, here is a page that shows you what the Perlin noise is, http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/188721/creating-perlin-noise.html#answer-383517 it generates lots of little bumps like an irregular sinus. What you can do, is instantiate 100 blocks along the X axis, 100 blocks along the Y axis, keep their width and length the same but modify their height with Perlin noise function. to make a really nice bunch of hills, if you multiply 2 Perlin noise functions against each other, then they will make strange irregular hills, because 1x1 equals 1 and 0x0 equals 0, imagine multiplying 2 of the wiggles like in the picture on the link. It becomes a 3d Mountain scape. I would do you some code that I'm a bit tired right now!

 private var rot : Quaternion;
 rot.eulerAngles = Vector3(0, 0, 0);
 var terraincube: GameObject;
 function Start (){
 for (var px:float = 0; px < 100; px ++) {
     for (var py:float = 0; py< 100; py ++) {
 var Perlin1 = Mathf.PerlinNoise(px/30, 76);
 var Perlin2 = Mathf.PerlinNoise(py/30, 22);
 Instantiate(terraincube, Vector3(py-50, Perlin1*40*Perlin2, px-50), rot);

cubreterrain.png (115.5 kB)
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answered Feb 01, 2013 at 09:17 PM

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/30 is closeness of hills, 40 is height of hills.

Feb 01, 2013 at 09:50 PM MountDoomTeam

thank you men! it works

Feb 01, 2013 at 10:30 PM sxriter

Then please mark his answer as "accepted", and don't post comments in the "Your answer" field, use the "add new comment" button instead.

Feb 01, 2013 at 10:35 PM Wolfram
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