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Hey everyone... I have a question as a noob here with unity..... And before someone says "yet another minecraft clone" ... I'm not looking for digging or building terrains.... What I would like to know is how to go about developing a cube shaped terrain with different heights but Not layers deep for digging as minecraft has (maybe 2 for some destructive effect on the top layer) I would love to use the built in terrain editor but it doesn't seem like I can make squared off edges... I tried doing this with procedural cube instantiation following other minecraft tutorials but I couldn't get anywhe near the terrain size I wanted... It had 10 layers in height which I brought down to one as I only really need one cube for the player to stand on.... But that still locked up unity when i tried a 1000x1000x1 cube terrain....I don't know enough about 3d programming but I keep seeing things about marching cubes and voxels but most of them are more than what I need such as 128 layer deep terrains or ability to add/remove blocks.... The closest I could compare what i want to would be "Cube World" (videos on youtube) which I believe is voxel based and I know almost nothing on voxels or any really good sources to learn about them.... Thanks for any help and yes I know this is like teaching physics to a caveman but again, any help or leads would be awesome....One last thought added after initial post... Would it be best to just create a mesh in a modeling program and use that instead of trying to generate a cube shaped terrain from within unity? Like I said above I don't need to have depth so it could work that way I guess but not sure of how to set up multiple meshes as terrains that would be seamless..

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asked Mar 27, 2012 at 03:35 AM

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answered Mar 27, 2012 at 04:13 AM

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Thanks for the reply.... I actually downloaded that last night but looking at the gossip page it seems again to have a lot of layers in height that would be wasted processing/memory ... Or I could just be misunderstanding on how it all works .... Which is highly possible/probable.... All I really would like to see (or learn how to is better as it would not be someone else doing my work) is how to efficiently load that kind of terrain.... I understand how to use the looping to generate the cubes.... I could even go old school and write out a 3d array of codes for the xyz to have a specific type of block(or no block at all for the air spots) but the instantiation takes forever and in the other threads it talks about only rendering certain faces....how do I do that??? I know the docs are there but I don't even know whe to begin my search.... I'm thinking about taking a few online classes just to get up to speed on game programming (general business app dev for me so far in college, databases in the navy, and aol I'm punters back in the day is where my experience lies)

Mar 27, 2012 at 04:32 AM Hugoboosh
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